Media Kit is an weblog by Sidharth from India (Bangalore). The blog is more of a technology updated portal sharing information on regular internet & technology related trends. Over the past one year, blogote has turned into a recognized blog generating excellent readership and healthy community around the webosphere. Here is the media kit revealing the blog inner-statistics.

Blogote History

blogote_logo was started as a simple web blog in May, 2008. With over a year and half the blog has been gaining popularity in terms of content that are based on technology and ongoing trends in the online world.

It was in the year 2009 when the blog started to provide regular useful content and currently Blogote has thousands of readers everyday who are often satisfied with the solution provided. The blog specifically deals with tips & tricks, freeware and ongoing technology news items now.

Blogote Testimonials

The blog has been interviewed by popular related internet blogs marking it’s renowned identify around the readers, bloggers and information seekers. Notable testimonials are:

Monetizing Ad Inventory


Joining our hands with some of the top advertising companies, blogote has been able to monetize the website space equally good and satisfying rich amount of advertisers needs. Along with sharing contents, the adverts spread over the blog are one of the main source of income for the blog. Here is a breakdown..

  • Network type used: CPM networks, CPC networks, Private advertisement, Intext ads, EPC banners..
  • Notable Networks: Adsense, Echotopic, Adsdaq, Burstnet, Moreniche, Buysellads..
  • Income figures from networks – 4 digit monthly income

Monthly Revenue


Now, blogging is a business! The blog mainly sustains with the revenue generated from advertising company who have been very much supportive over the months. The blog income has been growing consistently due to the traffic volume and has been able to cover up the bills.

Monthly traffic


Though the main objective of blog is to reach globally but some of the visits from a particular country are far more than the other’s. The traffic has been tracked systematically every week and has been represented here..

  • Pageviews per month: 500,000+
  • Unique Pageviews per month: 360,000+
  • Highest traffic from (in order): USA (55%), India, Canada, Germany

Blogote Owner Details

  • Full Name: Sidharth bhansali.
  • Location: Asia, India.
  • Province: Karnataka State, Bangalore City.
  • Online Occupation: Blogging consultancy and Web technologist.
  • Age: 19

The does NOT own any physical Company but is associated with Rockstar Sid (Sidharth) who is the only individual owner.

Last updated: 14th Jan, 2010.