A Cool New Sony PSP: Sony PSP2 Launching Soon!

By Sidharth | Games

It’s a known fact that Sony PSP is one of the best portable gaming device available till date, but the recent drop in sales, even after releasing the PSP GO device, sounds like Sony have not given their best to the market.

After a drop of around 30% PSP sales within a year, Sony has now taken the initiative to bring in a successful new Sony PSP model: Sony PSP2, rumored to be launched very soon.

The PSP 2 Gaming Gadget

The only way to keep up with the stiffer competition and the rapid rise in similar gadgets for Sony is to launch in a new product. Thus, PSP 2 seems like an appropriate settlement.


What sets the new Sony PSP2 apart from its predecessor is the availability of 2 analogue sticks (Check modded PSP) and also the PS2 compatibility (its completely unconfirmed and the pic above is a conceptual design). Having the 2 analogue sticks itself will be a real treat to the customers as we are longing for this feature.

The Sony PSP2 announcement is said to be during E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) in the month of June. Sony PSP2 is definitely going to make the buzz, but the question still remains: Can it live up-to it’s hype? Well, I don’t know. I’m just excited.

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