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If Adobe Flash Player Crashes on your Mac or Windows machine, then it’s time to download the latest version of flash. While you can always get the latest Adobe flash player 11 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, if you are using any other Adobe products, you may want to download Adobe Updater.

Adobe Updater will scan your computer for all the programs, and then look at Adobe’s server updates, if available. If you have a licensed copy of Adobe, the updater program will download the files on your computer. In other words, you can know about any updates and do a quick upgrade of all of your Adobe products.

Updates are frequently released by the developers, especially when we talk about Adobe Flash. Many bugs and vulnerability are fixed in the next version and it can be a tiring task to look at Adobe’s site every time. Also, whenever you download files from Adobe’s site, you have to download the whole file — that is, there’s no incremental updates. However, in Adobe Updater, you have to download only what’s updated and required — not the whole file.

Adobe products such as Acrobat PDF reader, Photoshop, Adobe Flex, illustrator, Indesign and many more programs come with an option to check for updates. But this officially released Adobe updater checks all the programs, eliminating the need to manually download and install application.

This Adobe updater helps you to upgrade or update the current application in use — for example, if you are using Adobe PDF reader 8 then you will be notified about the new PDF version! Here are the latest version of Adobe updater 6.0.2 for download on Mac or Windows.

  • Download Adobe Updater For Mac OS – Click here (12 mb)
  • Download Adobe Updater For Windows – Click here (27.4 mb)

Flash player should be updated carefully, as there are complaints that the newest version of Flash plugin on Safari causes a lot of problems. You can, however, install flash plugin on Google chrome or look read this post on how to update flash player.

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