PDF Converter Free For Mac Converts PDF Files To PPTX Format

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With the right kind of tool available, converting Adobe PDF file to Powerpoint slides on your Mac takes only a couple of seconds.

Some file converters are always a cut above average while some fail to fit in as a proper tool. As a student, I have always known that converting files from one format to another is going to be a hectic affair.

Sure, there are tons of free apps. And good paid apps, too. But most of the file converters are for Windows, and I use Mac… Also, I don’t want to pay for the apps.

Plowing through the Mac App Store, almost every week, I have found some really good file converters that are just about right for any student — oh yes, these are completely free!

Converting PDF to PPTX Using PDF Converter Free

The first app, among several others which I will be reviewing in the coming weeks, is a PDF to PPTX converter called PDF Converter Free.

This Mac App, coming from the vault of Wondershare Software, is an easy-to-use PDF converter. The app can convert multiple PDF files to Microsoft’s PowerPoint (PPTX) format in no time. Here’s how to use this nifty little app:

Step 1: Locate the PDF file you’d like to convert. Now, launch PDF Convert Free (download link below) and drag-and-drop the PDF file into the program’s window.

Convert PDF Format

Step 2: After loading the PDF file, hit Convert if you would like to convert all the pages into PPTX format.

PDF file to PPTX PowerPoint

You can also customize the output — that is, you can choose whether you want all the PDF pages to be converted, or you want only specific pages to be converted to .PPTX format.

Customize PowerPoint file

Step 3: After the file is converted, save it on your desktop. A 17-pages PDF file was converted in less than 10 seconds to PPTX file.

PPTX File Converter

Sometimes the tool fails to convert PDF file into a proper, readable PPTX format, which was a bit let down. But the newly converted PPTX file is editable, which means we can — if necessary — manually edit, rearrange the layout, change fonts and colors.

You may also want to try out some of the online-based PDF converters for converting files not only into PPT but also DOCX and several other formats.

Download PDF Converter Free [Works on Mac OS X Lion]

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