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Recently I saw a video on the future image processing application on the very popular video site, Metacafe. The video was simply superb, but hey, we have something similar to share today which is launched under beta. This is a search engine called TineyeSmart Image Search Engine


Why is Tineye different from other image search engine ?

Unlike other online image search engine Tineye doesn’t ask for any keywords/tags as queries. All it does is use the image you have uploaded and searches from its database — TinEye search index has 500,000,000 images.

But how does Tineye finds relevant images?

If you have an image saved on your desktop, and lets say you want a bigger/better resolution of that image, then upload it on tineye or provide the link to the image. Then, within seconds, Tineye online image search engine will index its database and the internet to serve the relevant images, all this is done with the use of image identification technology (Matches your image to all the images in the internet, if their is a match, the image will be displayed. Tineye also looks at the pixels of the images to achieve the results).

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Any Tineye addon/extension for my browser ?

Tineye has a really cool firefox addon! Check out the video and you will come to know the potential of this beautiful Tineye engine.

Does it cost anything / How do I sign up ?

Tineye is completely free and is badged as the the future technology built by Idée. Currently, to use Tineye, you must be invited. I have requested an invite and received a mail that they will be sending out invites as they are available. Go now and request your invitation.


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epokh September 17, 2008

I found some sever weak points in the indexing engine.
For a short review:

Sidharth May 24, 2008

@Heather – Thank you for appreciation. Loads of folks have requested for an invite. 🙂

@Pratyush – Glad that you liked the service — also download the TinEye Firefox addon.

Pratyush May 24, 2008

Thanks buddy, I received the invite today and tried the service. It rocks. I can search almost everything with very positive results. I was looking for a similar service for a long time and my wait seems to have come to an end. Keep rolling…

Heather May 22, 2008


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the service – We’re excited to see so much interest in TinEye! We are glad to have you as a fan!

If you have any comments or feedback about our search engine please let us know at tineyefeedback @

Awesome post – thanks again!

~ the TinEye team

Sidharth May 22, 2008

@ElectricMunk – Yeah, that’s really awesome — what an amazing search engine!

@Siddharth – That is always nice. :p

Siddharth May 22, 2008

very nice 😀

ElecticMunk May 21, 2008

That’s awesome. Can’t wait!

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