Qumana: Free Blogging Software For Mac OS (Desktop application)

By Sidharth | New Product

Mac OS applications are polished, yes, but it definitely lacks a good blogging software. Windows has Windows Live Writer which, in my opinion, is the best tool for writing blog posts and collecting your thoughts on any topic. For Mac, it’s a whole different story.

Although we have a couple of good blog writing softwares for Macs, none of them are actually free. This is why I decided to search for a decent yet free application for blogging on my iMac. I finally found a software that does exactly what I want — to publish my posts on this WordPress blog.

Qumana is a free blogging software for Mac, and it is perhaps the only full-fledged editing app that is completely free — there’s no trial period whatsoever! Qumana comes with a simple interface and supports both the windows & Mac OS.

Though Qumana is not as feature rich as as Windows Live writer but still it has support to over 15+ blogging platform including WordPress, Blogspot blogger, Typepad, Drupal, etc. and carries along various task like editing tags,adding blog account, customizing settings, resizing and uploading images.

When you launch the program, you will notice it comes with several tools. You can’t hide them, unfortunately. On the right all your blog’s category will be visible while the left panel has the space for your writing. You can do formatting of the textual content using the buttons and menu located on the top. You can also have multiple blog accounts and conveniently switch between these blogs.

Another noticeable feature in Qumana software is the ability to insert ads called as Qads. If you don’t want to push ads on your sites, you can always disable them.

Overall, Qumana is a decent blog writing tool and I would rate it 3/5. Here is a rundown of the features of this app:

  • Free blog editing software
  • Desktop app — no need of Internet connection
  • Clean interface with spell check
  • Multi window blogging
  • Drag Drop & resize Images
  • Manager multiple Blogs
  • Add and edit Technorati tags
  • Simple Formatting toolbar

Update 2012: This post was last written on 2008, and now we have many Mac applications. Check out our collection of Distraction-Free Writing Tools For Your Mac OS Machines which helps you write articles quickly and without distractions. However, there is still no good tool (apart from this one which is now no longer available for download) that can publish articles right from your desktop.

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rye August 13, 2010

That did not work out well. I kept getting an error message when I try to log my account credentials.

duh January 8, 2010

ok, but where DO I download it from? You don't mention it.

    Sidharth January 10, 2010

    The link expired, so I had to remove it. Just make a search to download the software.. 🙂

movie to Downloads November 14, 2009

Wow great selection of Twitter badges! I was wondering where you found these…

MacPress October 12, 2009

thanks for this, but i keep stay on marsedit

Nina May 28, 2009

Oh thank you! I was looking for a free blog editor on mac, and I finally found it here !! Thank you so much. 😀

Shopping Cart March 26, 2009

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abdusfauzi November 10, 2008

im trying this now. looks good. 🙂

softwares November 8, 2008

your blog is too cool dear i like it.

MOin October 31, 2008

looks like good utility to me but i think windows live writer is better than this one features wise. anyway atleast someone kick started it.

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