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xlsx_files XLSX is a Microsoft file format that represents documents such as spreadsheet, presentation and charts.. this new format can be converted to other formats such as PDF or txt (text) file, but you can also view .XLSX with XLSX viewer programs which are available for free download.

You can open XLSX files in Microsoft office too(which is an commercial product). However, in this article, I am about to share with you some of the best and completely free xlsx reader to read and view xlsx files.


Open Office opens XLSX Files

Openoffice is an excellent application for opening most of the Microsoft documents without paying anything. This freeware open source software opens xlsx files and tons of MS file format variants quickly.

If you come across different text files regularly then give a try at openoffice.

Download OpenOffice XLSX Viewer – Download link

Bytescout XLS viewer

This is an simple XLSX reader that reads some of the standard Microsoft extensions (mentioned below). With bytescout reader you can open xlsx files and read it’s content instantly.

The following are the formats supported by this 447kb freeware program:

  • Excel 2003/2007 (*.xls, *.xlsx)
  • Open Office Calc (*.ods)
  • CSV Comma Separated Values (*.csv)
  • TXT tab-delimited values (*.txt)


You can directly download bytescout xls viewer from the link mentioned below to open XLSX files. Works with windows operating system.

Download Byte Scout XLSX Reader – Download link

Online XLSX Viewer

A simple and best solution to view XLSX file is to make use of Google docs. You should have an Google account (who doesn’t have one?) to access Google docs.

Upload your .xlsx file document to Google docs and you can view it instantly. This avoid the need to download any software or XLSX file viewer.

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