Freeware to Password Protect Exe Files

By Sidharth | New Product

Question: How can I protect an .exe file on my Windows computer? I don’t want anyone else but me to access this file.

If you are a developer who creates softwares, it makes sense to password protect your executable files. No matter what the reasons are, protecting files and folders can maintain privacy and your important information will remain safe.

We have seen a software that can lock your desktop folders immediately, and similarly here is another freeware application which will lock — password protect, that is — the exe files you want. No one can extract the code, or access the executuble file unless the password is known. This software that does the job is called Empathy, a freeware application that protects and backs up files.

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Download Empathy

How to use Empathy to Protect Exe Files

After downloading the software, choose your file, enter the password and empathy will protect/unprotect them in the future — it’s that simple!

The current version allows you to set a one letter password; if you are looking to protect exe using long tailed passwords then just mail the developer a postcard (strange, isn’t it?) and he will send the software via email. The current empathy version will be enough to make a simple exe password protection! Here are some more recommended alternatives

For more on generating memorable passwords, check out this article on how I was able to create a strong password that can be used online or for files.

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