Ghostery Internet Spyware Alert Addon

By Sidharth | Features

A lot of times nasty viruses including spywares are migrated onto your computer from the Internet via website scripts or corrupted files containing Trojan.

The problem is you will never come to know which website injected spyware in your system every time but thanks to Mozilla Firefox addon called Ghostery, it is now easy to find out the objects behind a particular Internet webpage of a website.


Download Ghostery addon

Update: The download link is dead. Ghostery no longer works with the latest Firefox browser.

As you can notice from the above picture you will get a list of scripts installed in the particular webpages, suppose you have installed Ghostery addon and revisit this page then you will come to know we have some analytics scripts installed.

Some of the suspicious looking scripts, internet spywares, popups will be displayed making it easier to analyze the webpage! Moreover, if the website is harmful, and if you have configured the plugin, then the browser will restrict you from accessing that website.

So, overall, Ghostery is a useful plugin to keep you safe on the web! Go ahead and give it a try…

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