How HP Watch Phone Technology is Being Used With US Military

By Jim Roberts | Gadgets

We have seen watches used for spying, but there’s more you can do with these tiny gadgets. HP has devised a smart watch which is both a mobile phone and a wristwatch. And it’s going to change our lives.

The United States Military considers the newest project a positive reinforcement that watchphones are indeed beneficial for our near future. Their soldiers will widely benefit through these “watch phones.”

The HP Military Watch Phone

Features such as display maps will be available on the watchphones and they have been compared to the Android Layers app. The watchphone will be covered with a plastic, flexible screen, preventing military soldiers from breaking them while out on the field. One innovative option the watch phone will be designed to do is allow soldiers to call their base for help.  Now soldiers can have a little more security knowing they can reach help faster, especially if they are alone.


Since soldiers may be in battle for long periods, they will feel comfort in knowing their watch phone has a backup plan for dead batteries. Batteries are actually non-existent in the watchphones. No more dead calls as these watchphones will be powered by the sun.

The flexible panels are designed to work with solar cells, eliminating the need for batteries onboard the watchphone. Although this technology may seem new to the general population, HP has been working on this project since 2000.  New developments are being used to process the watches.

The protocols will not be hidden under researcher’s hands for much longer.  Information will slowly leak out and reach laptop computers and e-readers before HP knows it.  The newest form of this technology will be established in stores as price tags that can be adjusted electronically.

There are certainly many creative phones out there; it is said that Apple is also working on the next-gen smart phones, but we can’t comment on anything yet — even the HP’s Watch Phone — unless we can get a hands-on experience or at least a video reassuring that these gadgets are the real deal.

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