Innovative Intelligent Hearing Device: QuietPro+ EarPhones

By Jay Shah | New Product

The most common problem with noise-blocking earphones is that along with the loud ambient noises, the softer ones (such as voices etc.) are made inaudible too. Thankfully now you have the Quietpro+ Intelligent Hearing System to get over this problem for good.

These headphones look like any ordinary earplug but are more efficient than you can imagine. The earphones in this system are hooked up with a small electronic unit, which does the job of noise cancellation.

It detects the loud noises which can be dangerous for your ears and prevents them from reaching you. On the other hand, it amplifies sounds such as the human voice, so that you can actually hear better than you would have, in any sort of environment.

The original Quietpro headphones were designed for use by the armed forces, for strategic use in combat. Even the US army is a customer of these earphones and that says a lot about the quality of the Quietpro+ Intelligent Hearing System.


Nacre, the Norway-based company which makes these hearing systems, is now also catering to individuals and corporate entities. And now even offshore oil rigging companies are interested in this technology.

Offshore oil rigs are really noisy places, where hearing damage is not unheard of. Moreover accidents often take place due to the inability to communicate over the loud noises produced in course of the drilling procedures.

The Quietpro+ Intelligent Hearing System aims to solve this problem. Of the two microphones in this system, the internal ones can transmit the voice of a user wirelessly, while the external ones detect ambient noise.


And how will this help you if you are at an oil rig? Well, the problem of getting your message across to your co-workers is solved, because the internal microphones will pick up your voice and transmit it, while a co-worker wearing the same headphones can receive the signal without the loud noises around, interfering!

There is also a digital signal processor to improve the quality of messages transmitted via the earphones. If the Quietpro+ Intelligent Hearing System really helps the rig workers, maybe you will find them being used in all work environments where ambient noise is a problem.

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