Macallan for Windows 7 Tablets: Touch Friendly Macallan UI on Win 7 Tablet

By Jay Shah | New Product

Though the Apple iPad and Android powered tablets are doing great these days, more tablets are expected to flood the market very soon. So, the day may not be that far when you will perhaps buy a Windows 7 tablet. But the question is whether Windows 7 is an ideal foil for tablets, which are all about touch.

But Windows 7 has few inherent touch-friendly features, and basically it’s meant to be operated with a keyboard and mouse. So how will the default user interface fit in the scheme of tablets? The answer lies in the amount of work put in by companies such as UI Centric to develop a user interface meant with to work for Windows 7 tablets.

And UI Centric being one of the leading user interface designers, has come out with a tablet interface meant specifically for the Windows 7, named the Macallan. While this interface will not work with mobile operating systems or touch enabled notebooks and computers, it promises to give you unmatched user experience.


Macallan UI on the upcoming Windows 7 tablet

And when you actually compare it with other tablet user interfaces, it does seem to hold a distinct edge. After all Windows 7 Macallan comes preloaded with amazing features such as native multitasking, camera and video chat functions, USB and data card support. The Adobe Flash plug-in allows you to open the latest web pages with complex Flash features, with consummate ease.

UI Centric has been making interfaces for along while now and companies such as Microsoft, Panasonic and BT have benefited greatly from their work. So, there is no reason to think that Macallan for Windows 7 tablets will be a let down.

The only letdown, if any right now, is that it’s not yet known which will be the first Win 7 tablet to house the Macallan UI. However, if rumors are to be believed, this could be revealed very soon, before the third quarter ends.

And it is not the end-user who has the right to feel delighted with the Macallan on the horizon. Even companies planning on Window 7 tablets, should feel great that they now have the problem of choosing a suitable UI put to bed!

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