Making Guitar Music with iPhone OS, Android, Windows Mobile Phone [Video]

By Sidharth | New Product

Doing something out of the box, regardless of the outcome, is what creativity is really about. Steffest, a web developer came up with a idea to make his own phone guitar, and he did it by placing cell phones on a portable speaker.

The Phones: Android, Windows, iPhone OS (on iPod Touch) were attached in series to the speaker with the help of cello tape, giving it a perfect guitar shape. And the gripping music effect is produced thanks to the music apps installed on these phones.


Gladly the video of making music using this phone guitar was uploaded on YouTube. Some of the lurkers claim this to be fake video because of the spectacular outcome coming from the Android, Windows, iPhone OS music apps! Check it out and decide yourself..

This is by all standards, a perfect example of custom geeky gadget!

Source: Engadget and Steffest.

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