New Android’s Anti-Piracy Mechanism

By Jay Shah | Android

android_app_iconThat fact that most developers don’t exactly love working on the Android OS will perhaps be addressed now. For some time, Google has been working on a way to protect apps on the Android much better from e-pirates. And now, that system of anti-piracy is going to be put in place.

Developers have always complained that Android apps are easy meat for pirates. And their claims are actually justified. If you wish to illegally refund an Android app, you do not even need to use any third party download sites. Simply buy an app, copy it to the SD card and you can illegally refund it.

While you may not actually be doing that, there are many dishonest internet profiteers out there who have been doing this since day one. And this made developers think twice before creating an app for the Android.

The new Anti-piracy Mechanism of Android

But the new anti-piracy mechanism is here to set things right. Developers have to add a set of code libraries provided by Google to their apps. These code libraries link up with the Android Market app and inquire about the licensing status of a user.


The Market app then runs through its database to find out whether the user trying to access the app has actually purchased it legally or not. The details of the user’s license are then sent back via a message.

Developers, who have already got apps for the Android, can simply update their apps to utilize this security feature. This anti-piracy setup is completely free for all developers to use when they come up with new apps and works for all versions of the Android Market after 1.5.

While server-based authentication is far from groundbreaking as a security measure it still provides some security to the Android apps. But then again, this measure can be bypassed by a certain group of hackers, who have broken through similar restrictions earlier. But until that happens, you can expect a lot more apps on your Android phones, because developers will surely feel a lot more secure with this anti-piracy mechanism in place and publishers thus far in two minds about coming out with apps will perhaps take to the Android platform now.

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