A Robot That Wins Every Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors

By Sidharth | New Product

Do you love playing Rock-paper-scissors? How about playing this game with a robot? You believe you can win? Think twice.

A robot hand is ready to play a game of rock-paper-scissors with you. Developed by Ishikawa Oku Laboratory, this robotic invention is an example of how a machine can flexibly interact with humans. One can play unlimited number of rock-papers-scissors game with this robot, but let me tell you this: it’s pretty damn good at this game.

Also, the robot will have the authority to select the winner of the game. That’s okay, right? Not really, because this robot selects itself as the winner.

Every. Single. Time.

Even Chacha’s popular guide on how to win rock-paper-scissors game will fail against this robotic hand for several reasons. First, the robot is equipped with high-speed vision and is able to recognize gestures of the human hand in just 1ms. Secondly, it’s a robot after all, which means it is always better than us humans. Technology, you scare me.

Anyway, watch this short clip on how this robot beats us humans every time:

Fact: Rock-paper-scissors game is not just for kids. In the US, there’s a Rock-paper-scissors league held every year, and the winner receives $50,000. I think I should play this game more often. [More info]

Source: Ishikawa Oku Laboratory via Reddit.

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