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By Sidharth | Internet

Creating presentation online doesn’t take much of your time. You have to prepare the points, format them and export into PowerPoint format. While you are at it, you can create compelling presentations by inserting videos into these slides.

Here is another online service which helps you to convert these PowerPoint presentations into YouTube videos, iPod-compatible clips and RSS for Apple iTunes. You can also embed these presentations easily on your blog or social networks.


This online service is called as AuthorSTREAM.

This website provides users with access to numerous presentations on variety of subjects, quite similar to Slideshare. You can find interesting presentations on just about any topic, and rate them, post a comment and even embed them in your blog. Currently authorSTREAM currently support PowerPoint files (PPT & PPS format) only.

You can upload the presentation, keep it private and edit PPTs as you like.

Because you can have the control over what to share, which files to convert, and what to embed to your blog / website, AurthoSTREAM is a powerful site that we really love.

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Deb August 25, 2008

Thank you for the post. Came across another online service to share presentations, it’s called slideboom.com. Works great and converts lots of your animations as well.

Ajay June 26, 2008

that’s a real good finding
good work
keep it up

Sidharth June 22, 2008

@Silki – Thanks for the comment silki 🙂

Silki June 22, 2008

A credit is a credit after all.

Rohit June 22, 2008

Hi Sid,
Thanks for the credit but don’t you think credit text is too small. It is not easily visible on my FF-3. Anyways, it’s your post on your blog.

Keep in touch.

Sidharth June 22, 2008

@Rohit – hmm… Just refresh the page buddy! 🙂 Now that’s a simple credit.. Have a great day!

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