Smallest Digital Cameras in the World

By Sidharth | Gadgets

All good things come in tiny packages. And this holds true even for the digital cameras.

These digital cameras are so small that you could lose them in a snap. But then, these little toys is what makes up for a perfect gadget to take a picture or two secretly, like a part-time spy guy.

World’s Smallest Cameras

Dubbed as the ‘World’s Smallest Camera,’ this gadget is slightly larger than a marble and sits snugly on your finger. Like any other camera, it can click and shoot videos.

World's Smallest Camera

Priced at $100, this camera shoots AVI videos at 30 frames per second at 640 x 480 resolution and captures pictures with its 2 mega pixel image sensor.

Camera Dealextreme

Another smallest 720P digital camera camcorder is Y3000, which is available for $39 at DealExtreme. This digital camera is supposedly the smallest 720P camcorder that takes pictures and shoot videos in HD.

The camera can house up to 32GB memory card enough to have thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos. You can go through this in-depth video review to find out more about this camera.

If you are searching for a video and audio recorder, or something along the lines of a CCTV, then check out the Mini itsy-bitsy recorder that handles HD recording, can take digital pictures at 5.0 mega pixels and comes at an affordable price of $39.99.

Smallest Camera on Amazon

You can get this camera from

But the standalone gadget that takes away the award of the world’s smallest camera is Naneye, which is smaller than a matchstick head.

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