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Undoubtedly few of the best gaming devices are from Sony, with the gaming device such as Playstation 4 and PSP Go (review here) that are to be released – Sony has already generated buzz around the world and the web.

Gaming devices being one of the most popular device that are purchased every year, and upon this the release of Sony Playstation 4 would be awful.

Curious minds and sources have an educated guess about the features of Sony Playstation 4 already. As spotted by Walyou, here are the concept pics of this yet-to-be available gadget that are already making its way around the internet.


This crystal clear gaming device is expected to have excellent features that has an high-end screen, glossy CD ROM and with an excellent gamepad.

ps4_sonyplaystation sony4_playstation

Comparing the ratings of Sony playstation and the price of Sony playstation right now, I assume the newer PS4 is going to be more expensive during the release period.

And it seems like the trend of glassy devices have finally attracted Sony PS4 makers to make an unbreakable Sony playstation 4 that is to be released in the future, though the exact release dates are unknown and rumored.

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Demon2330 August 24, 2010

No PS4 till at least 2015 sony have already burst this bubble by saying they have no intentions of working on it yet they have said the PS3 has a lifespan of 10 years and they are not going to bring a new console out when they have just spent a bucket load of money on the move.

Microsoft are the same they have said no new xbox until 2015 , they have just spent bucket loads on motion control aswell. the slim x box 360 is the same machine its just been smaller

sadiq khalid February 16, 2010

I lke the controllr dsign…clear…that glass house concept is not hard on the eyes…think the should go with that…keep it wireless…almost an eyetoy…is teh console wireless?Ps4 could be the first wireless console!!!get that out there…look into it…U know XBOX,Wii…r doing too look into that…Beat ’em too the punch… great idea Ps4!!!

Awesomesoccerfan January 6, 2010

its gonna be out on august 2010,and it could cost u like about $1800 minimum.
u can email me at

DwellexXx September 23, 2009

Wow i Gotta have it when it comes out,but which formatt will it be using since blu-ray is starting to errupt??

justin September 23, 2009

do you know when its gonna be in stores and how much it it???

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