Unlimited Data Transfer USB: Infinitec’s ‘Infinite’ USB Memory Drive

By Jay Shah | Gadgets

They have promoted it for long and provided sneak peeks every now and then, but now Infinitec has finally made the USB memory device available for pre-orders. It is supposedly the world’s first ‘infinite’ USB flash drive. So, what does it do and why is it so special?

Well, it basically allows you to send data between two locally networked devices. In the same context, you should also know that Infinitec is boasting of the ‘dual Wi-Fi’ capability of this USB device. It’s basically when you are using a notebook with this ‘Infinite’ USB Memory Drive, you can easily connect to another device without having to terminate the connection to the internet.

Generally you cannot use Wi-Fi for connecting with more than one data source, but this ‘Infinite’ USB Memory Drive allows you to do exactly that. The drive actually reroutes internet traffic back to your notebook.


Price of Infinitec ‘Infinite’ USB Memory Drive

The device is priced at a somewhat extravagant $129 and if you pre-order, you are promised free-shipping, no matter where you are in the world! If you have not paid a three-digit sum for a USB drive ever in your life, well, there is always a first time isn’t it?

But the question is how does this device qualify as an ‘infinite’ USB drive? It certainly does not provide you unlimited storage in terms of physical memory. This is actually what a lot of not-too-tech-savvy folks will perceive the product to offer!

Actually though, the device uses the internet to transfer unlimited amount of data between two devices which are set up in one network. So when you flick on the sliding switch on one side of the drive to ‘pair’ it automatically serves as a bridge between the two devices. This has unlimited potential, because you can swap data between your desktop, laptop, PDA, tablet, smartphone, gaming console, blu-ray player and many more devices.

However, the point which needs more clarification from the makers of this device is how it will benefit you over data transfer on the network itself, that is, without using the drive. The $129 price tag too, seems a tad excessive and so, there remains a big question mark over how this device will actually fare in the coming months.

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