Humanoid Robot Chef — China’s Amazing Robot that Slices Noodles

By Sidharth | Gadgets

Remember the awesome robot that could play rock-paper-scissors game with us humans? That’s a pretty harmless robot, but this one isn’t. Apparently, a Chinese restaurateur has invented a humanoid robot that slices noodles in no time, and it’s actually better than humans.

Cui Runguan, the owner of a Chinese restaurant in Beijing, came up with an idea to use robots for making noodles. These human-like robots are available for $2000 each, and already over 3000 of them have been sold to restaurant owners.

This “chef” moves its robotic arm up and down to slice noodles as fast as it can. A customers, according the video below, states “the noodles made by the robot to be as good as man-made ones.“

Video: Robot Chef in China Slicing Noodles

Those colorful eyes flashing every second, red plastic eyebrows and a huge silvery body is kind of scary, and probably a waste of money. But what if all those redundant parts are removed? The robot will only get cheaper, and it will undoubtedly wipe out the chefs from restaurants. Technology, you scare me!

China tops the list when it comes to consumption of noodles. According to Wikipedia, over 42 billion packs of noodles are consumed every year in China.

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