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By Sidharth | Internet

WordPress blog post publishing have a lot of feature for easy publishing but when it comes to adding videos, inserting new layer or table then you look for a different blog editor which has all advanced option.You can go with window’s live writer but you need to install it on your computer which definitely eats your system resources.So here is a web based online blog article publishing/editing tool called as WriteToMyBlog.


WrtieToMyBlog is a online service which acts as a interface gateway between you and your Blog service.Blog services by default use UTF-8 encoding and so does WriteToMyBlog.You can switch to Full screen mode and manage posts,preview it very easily.Apart from WordPress they also support Blogger.com, TypePad, Movable Type, and DotClear.Here are some of the features of WriteToMyBlog :


  • Create Post entries with our advanced word processor and have them published directly to your Blog.
  • Advanced text styling.
  • Spell checker
  • Easily insert your Flickr photos.
  • Easily insert YouTube videos.
  • Customize the word processor toolbar.
  • Add tables to your Posts.
  • Easy tagging.
  • Multilingual AJAX spellchecker.

This web based blog editor is completely free, their is no membership or signup required to publish your blog post.So try WriteToMyBlog editor now!

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