WordPress Tag Cloud Plugin to generate Visual 3D tags

By Sidharth | New Product

Tags can be a essential factor for your blog,they do give a good weightage to your blog and also help in easy navigation within the site for a visitor.The tags are usually written when a post is published via WordPress editor interface or any blogging software customized for wordpress blog postings.Tag Clouds are a series of tags which are in the same page or blog,tag clouds group the similar tags and emphasizes frequent similar terms boldly.

You can find large number of simple wordpress tags plugin but this is a different plugins which not only generates tag cloud but also displays the tag clouds in a visual 3D fashion.

Though using visual 3D type tag clouds slow down the loading time of wordpress blog to a little extent but they are always entertaining and gives a site navigation pleasure for your readers.These visual tag clouds are very good and a demo of this can be found here.They work excellently,moreover search engine spiders can crawl flash type objects too.To install Wp cumulus tag cloud generator plugin on your wordpress blog you have to

  • Download the plugin from here
  • Activate Wp cumulus from wordpress admin plugin panel
  • Create a new page or make modifications in the existing theme and add this code <?php wp_cumulus_insert(); ?> anywhere in the theme or page.

Your 3D visual tags are generated! you can set the visual speed of the tags or distribute tags evenly,change color,use transparent mode and tweak the tags.Alternately their is also a option to display category cloud on your blog.The plugin is updated and is compatible to suit the newer wordpress version (2.6)

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Red June 1, 2009

Very cool 3d Tags. Thanks for this. I will try it out. 🙂

p@r@noid December 24, 2008

This seems to be lot better then what I’m using now!!!

Sarbjit Singh September 4, 2008

Thank you for the information.

I will try that for sure.

Sarbjit Singh

Allen August 24, 2008

I’ll have to try this one out. BTW you might check the weblinks for the comments above. You’ve got spam. Another way to combat this is to implement a minimum length filter for comments. “thanks for this post” is almost always spam.

stratosg August 19, 2008

nice plugin although the “slow” part does make me think about it twice 😉

G August 18, 2008

Its cool and all, but the “creating a new page” just makes me lazy.

propecia August 18, 2008

Cool, thanks for posting this!

Very helpful.

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