A Spectacular Launch for Microsoft ‘Kinect’ Motion Controller

By Jim Roberts | Microsoft

The ‘Kinect’, formerly known as Project Natal, is a motion-sensing controller for Xbox 360 by Microsoft. It uses 3D camera and gesture recognition software to enable the person to play using body movements instead of hand-held controllers. That’s pretty awesome!

Kinect made its debut at the Los Angeles Theater, which made the audience want for more. The on-screen characters mimic the gestures of the person in real-life.

Why Kinect motion controller is awesome

The Cirque du Soleil entertainment company provided a spectacular performance for the by-invitation-only guests. The gymnasts, dressed as jungle dwellers, mingled with the audience before the performance. It started when a boy, dressed as an explorer, rode at the back of a life-sized elephant puppet that carried him towards the fake boulders, which is higher than the one before it. When the boy reached the top, a boulder with the logo of the Xbox 360 was displayed while a mock living room with the actors portraying a family appeared above, leaving the audience in awe.

The living room was suspended in the air. It sometimes turned upside-down while the actors played, walked or stood on the ceiling or walls. The actors performed as the tribal drums beat in the background. They danced as they demonstrated the Kinect games that include track, yoga, river rafting, driving and even fighting as a Star Wars Jedi master with a virtual light saber. The video games and the actors could be watched on the giant screens which hung from the ceiling.

It is really a great experience. The Kinect world launch made such a buzz that analysts said that this is the start of a new battle between the rival gaming companies.

Video + More on kinect..

This year, E3 will be a dueling field for motion-sensing controllers among Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo with their Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. The details about the price were not disclosed, but it is said to be around $150.

While Nintendo pioneered the motion-sensing controllers with its Wii in 2006, Sony introduced its highly anticipated motion-sensing controller for PS3, the Move, during a gaming convention held in San Francisco last March. Now, you can wave wands that are in synch with Eye cameras on the consoles with Kinect which will be released in time for the year-end holidays. Here is the video of Kinect from YouTube..

Video length: ~2 min.

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