All Jazzed up and New MySpace Profiles are Here Now!

By Jay Shah | News

MySpace has confirmed that a completely revamped set of profile pages is in the pipeline and they are in the process of testing it. And the good news is that a beta version has already been rolled out as a part of the testing process, for users to check out what’s new and provide feedback accordingly. So have you checked your profile today?

If you have, perhaps you are already aware of the new and improved profile pages. And if you have not, here are the most visible amendments to the MySpace page in a nutshell:

  • From now on you will be navigating your profile from the left side of the page. The navigation menu has been made to fit within the navigation menu under the profile picture on the left.
  • My Stream, the MySpace equivalent of Facebook News Feed, is now more prominently featured on the profile page. You can easily see what your friends have been up to on the site and share content with them too!
  • A new module allows you to follow your friends or other MySpace users on various popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, among others. Whether this module is changed and how, will only be clear once the final rollout is done.
  • The user interface scores over the earlier version in terms of looks and is a hands-down winner as far as overall design is concerned. A cool looking MySpace page is now a reality!

There is also a new Flickr gallery thrown in to enable better photo sharing.

So what do the lucky ones to receive the beta version (yes, only some MySpace users have been chosen to be a part of this testing process) have to say about the new version of profile pages? Well, they unanimously agree that it’s a major upgrade alright, but not all are jumping up and down in excitement.


It’s a pretty slick upgrade and you need to remember that it’s not final yet. So, if you think that it can be better when the final rollout happens in a few weeks time, you may be pleasantly surprised. So you are advised to ignore any rants right now, because it’s a bit too early to pass the final verdict.

MySpace is in a state of transition, with the constant departures of top executives making the headlines far too often. Maybe this jazzed up profile page is exactly what was required by the company to turn a corner!

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