Amazon Kindle Books Overrun Hardcover Book Sales

By Jay Shah | News

There is some bad news and some good news to deliver. For all of you who wagered on the Apple iPad driving the Amazon Kindle out of business, well, start counting your losses. And for those Kindle lovers out there, the good news is that for the last three months the sale of ebooks for the Kindle has exceeded that of hardcover books!

In a recently released statement, Amazon has declared that for the last three months 143 Kindle books have been sold for every 100 hardcover books which flew off Amazon shelves. And the more impacting statistic is that during the past month 180 Kindle books were sold for every 100 hardcover books!


Those of you who love the Kindle and ebooks in general, perhaps are already aware that last Christmas, was the first time when ebooks for Kindle outsold hardcover books on the Amazon store. While that may have been dismissed as a one-off, the latest figures suggest nothing less than an established trend.

So, you have to wonder what exactly is providing the wind in the sail of ebook sales. Well, here are two possible catalysts:

  • Reading habits have changed and how. People of all ages, who were getting out of touch with reading, due to the shortcomings of hardcover books exposed by ruthlessly fast modern lifestyle, have found panacea in devices such as the Kindle or the Nook from Barnes and Noble.
  • The prices of these handheld ebook readers have come down in the recent months, making them more affordable for all. Amazon admits that the sale of the Kindle has tripled since its price was slashed by $70, from $259 to $189!

But the truth is that these drastic price cuts are also due to the emergence of strong competition, none more significant than the iPad from Apple. While Kindle has withstood the early iPad frenzy pretty well, the real challenge lies ahead.

And the Amazon Kindle is preparing well, by including Windows and Mac apps, along with other mobile OS apps. Moreover, it has an installed base of customers, who have left hardcover books for the Kindle. But as more and more people discover that the iPad can be an ebook reader and much more, the real test for Amazon will begin.

So, Amazon should try to strengthen the Kindle brand by focusing on its strengths and avoiding direct comparisons with the iPad. If they are able to do that, then the day is not far when Kindle units will outsell hardcover books!

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