Android Vs. iPhone iOS 4: Number Crunching Time

By Jay Shah | Apple

We have already compared Android and iPhone, but the fight between Android phones and iPhone reaches a whole new level with the launch of the iPhone 4; new stats reveal how the two operating systems are faring. Because both operating systems have more than one variant and are also used on multiple devices, these stats reveal who’s hot, and who’s not!

This data has been compiled by ad network Chitika. So this is pretty much how the mobile landscape is shaping up these days.

Apple is marginally ahead as regards the number of people using the iOS currently. Chitika’s data shows that there are 9020135 active devices using various versions of the iOS, as compared to 7712820 devices on Android platform.

Before you start wondering how Apple iOS outnumbering Android by more than 10,00,000 users/devices, can be considered marginal, here are tow facts you must also consider:

  • The iOS was in business 10 months before the Android OS.
  • The time gap between the first iPhone and the first Android device was almost two years!

And it’s this overall head start which makes the lead marginal, because it could (and perhaps should) have been much bigger. However, Android devices easily outnumber the iPhone variants and so, the Android OS has been able to provide hot pursuit.


As far as upgrades are concerned, the Apple operating system is ahead here too. 49.9% of all iOS users have upgraded to the iOS4.0.x (also check – effect of iOS 4 on iPhone 3G). Compared to that, only 1.74% of Android users have the latest version (the Froyo) on their devices. This also reflects the growing complaints from Android users about the late availability of the Android OS version 2.2.

These numbers may not put an end to all debate concerning the iPhone and Android devices, but they do provide a glimpse of the bigger picture here. You do get to know something about the general user behavior and how the two operating systems are faring overall.

A large number of Apple customers have switched to the latest OS within one month of its launch, while Android users are still in the dark about the latest version of their OS. This also tells you something about how the OS’s are being marketed.

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steffenjobbs July 27, 2010

It should easily be projected that Android will end up with much higher market share than iOS. Android smartphones are cheaper, there are more model designs of Android smartphones, there are more carriers supporting Android, there are many “two for one” giveaways for Android smartphones. Android is a weed and should easily outsell the iPhone in the long run. So, Android wins in market share, but so what. It will grab some sort of bragging rights as being the most popular mobile smartphone OS in the world. Good for Android. As an Apple investor, the only thing that matters to me is how much revenue iOS is going to be making for Apple. As long as Apple has enough iOS market share to continue to pull in more revenue from a smaller market share than Android, then that’s good enough for me and should be more than good enough for Apple.

Android’s eventually huge market share is not going to do for Google like Windows is doing for Microsoft’s revenue and Google’s Android will never get close to 95% of mobile market share.

JPO July 26, 2010

You also have to consider that many Droids/Android phones are given away during the 2 for 1 deals Verizon has been running. How can anyone compete with that?

The other problem with Android ecosystem is that carriers decide what to put on their phones, when the phones will be updated, and some phones are just incapable of updating to the latest Android OS.

What you should show is the profit per phone or total profit per qtr/year of Apple versus all of the Android phones. Apple wins hands down.

I use an iPhone on AT&T. I’m told by the mass media that they both suck! I kind of like both companies. I would never go back to Verizon (no talk and data at the same time, worse than Apple for controlling their phones, no cheaper or even better than AT&T). I have no ill will towards Android though (contrary to the haters against Apple/iPhone/At&T). Jealousy breeds contempt I suppose.

Martin Hill July 26, 2010

Um, according to Chitika themselves, they talk about “9 million iPhone impressions across its advertising network”. What this says is that only a tiny fraction of the 100 million iOS devices that have been sold over the last three years were analysed in this research.

This figure of 9 million thus has nothing to do with the number of Android devices and is only presented by Chitika as part of their analysis of what versions of iOS are being used by the iPhones that happen to be recorded by websites using their ad network.

So I’m afraid it is not at all useful if you’re trying to determine relative marketshare.


Vertical July 26, 2010

You need to correct your article. The numbers you present show the Apple iOS outnumbering Android by a little more than 1,000,000 – NOT 10,000,000. That makes a big difference, especially considering how long the iphone has been around.

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