Oh, No! Apple Testing Droid X Death Grip [Video]

By Sidharth | Apple

Apple are now testing smart phones for signal strength and as Steve jobs addresses: most of the smart phones available are bound to drop bars — and the reception issue is not something new for Smart Phones like Blackberry, Droid X, HTC and Samsung phones.

In order to prove that Apple iPhone 4 is not the only one with drop call feature, they have added series of videos on the YouTube Channel and in this post, I’ve added Droid X Death grip video from Apple. You can check out the other videos at Apple’s YouTube page.


Apple Testing Droid X Death Grip Video

Previously, Motorola claimed that Droid X’s dual antennas are powerful and are supposed to be immune to reception problems. We don’t really know; Only the Droid X lords can clear this one up for everyone 🙂

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