CES 2012: RIM Announces BlackBerry OS 7.1

By Rahul Dowlath | Cell Phones

Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry smartphones, has announced the BlackBerry OS 7.1 update at CES 2012. They’re also showcasing improvements to the popular BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Travel app, and BlackBerry Traffic.

BlackBerry OS 7.1

What we know about OS 7.1

While this is no BlackBerry 10 offering – that’s saved for later this year, according to RIM – here’s what’s in store for users who’re using current BlackBerry devices that support OS 7:

The big focus is on sharing made easier. You can now turn your BlackBerry into a mobile Wi-Fi router and share your connection with Wi-Fi enabled devices. Universal Search now has auto-suggest as you search device-wide on your phone. Here’s what’s really cool, though: BlackBerry Tag. This is what RIM has to say about it:

BlackBerry® Tag: Share contacts, media and files, and even invite friends to BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM) through a simple touch. BlackBerry Tag unlocks near field communication (NFC) capabilities for everyday use and makes sharing a lot faster and much more personal.

Sounds exciting. They’re also introducing FM radio… for some reason. You can now tune in to your local radio station direct from your phone, provided it has an FM receiver (apparently, the latest Curve models have this).

More importantly, with the release of OS 7.1, RIM has officially released BBM v6.1. I’ve been using it in beta for some time now, and it’s a highly recommended update to all fans of BBM.

So, this was most likely the “tricks” RIM claimed to have in store for us. What do you think?

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