Blackberry Services Banned in UAE From Oct 11

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Half a million. That’s the number of people affected by the suspension of BlackBerry services in UAE thanks to those crunching services of BlackBerry that doesn’t abide by the rules driven of UAE’s telecommunication authority.

Starting Oct 11, Blackberry services will be permanently banned in UAE, informs the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA).


The services: BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry e-mail and BlackBerry web-browsing will not be accessible anymore if Blackberry doesn’t come up with an solution that is within the boundary of TRA. And it appears that Blackberry is simply larking around as no response were made after the announcement.

Blackberry’s Non-Compliant Services..

The discontinuation of BlackBerry services in UAE is mainly because of constant failure to bring back the services in line with the UAE telecommunications regulations and hence, the unexpected decision to suspend the BlackBerry services was enforced.

Due to the BlackBerry’s technical configuration, some of the BlackBerry services operate beyond the enforcement of the regulations and hence the decision was put in place. Although Etisalat (UAE-based telecommunications services provider) are trying to cover up with alternate services for its BlackBerry customers.

And then there’s also DU (UAE’s telecom operator) that might remove all the promotion linked with BlackBerry and to ensure minimal disruption for the existing BB customers – du will also implement an alternative plan very soon for its subscribers!

Interestingly, similar BlackBerry services concerns the Indian Government, although no big strides have been taken yet but it seems like BlackBerry has to push the envelope and act immediately for their progress.

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