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Wohoo! Finally after a lot of hard work and patience from the designer we got a wordpress custom design! Basically the need for a custom design was to have a unique identity on the web and I am glad as this design made the presence of being Unique on the blogosphere.Here is the redesigned screenshot

The design was entirely hand coded by Ben Jacob and I am glad I had stumbled across this talented designer few months ago.He creates unique wordpress based themes which is worth every penny! I do recommend Ben’s work to people who are looking for a custom wordpress redesign,head over to his blog called FeatherPot to find him!

Talking about the design,I wanted a theme which will have a fat sidebar and include a lot of post in the homepage with thumbnails.The outcome of the results were exactly as expected.The footer is divided into sections for more reference and the logo change was a bit unexpected,still it is different and matched the design I guess.

What do you think about the new design ? Did you like it ? let me know your thoughts about this 😉

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Hi, I am Sidharth. Full-time blogger. Editor of Blogote. And a self-proclaimed geek!

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Sidharth September 9, 2008

@Everyone – Thanks a lot guyz 😀

@stratosg – Haha.. I always wanted to hide comment counts on the homepage 😀

Madhur Kapoor September 8, 2008

Great theme Sid. Looks very nice and clean

stratosg September 8, 2008

one little thingy i always nag about.. the comment count on the front page would be really helpful to me… 🙂

Pavan Kumar September 8, 2008

dude…. it really rocks…

BlogsDNA September 8, 2008

wow this is really Unique design haven’t seen any blog with this type design..

Lolo September 7, 2008

Yo babe 🙂

Love the new look! Its pretty clean and classy looking- real easy to navigate… good job!!!

stratosg September 7, 2008

i really really like your new design sid! congratulatioooooons! very good job indeed. keep up the good posting work!

James Paden September 7, 2008

Looking good! My only negative comments would be the left aligned top nav vs the center aligned logo and second nav.

I just redesigned as well: Mind giving me your thoughts?

Keith Dsouza September 7, 2008

The new theme looks great buddy, the placement and navigation looks quite good.

PC September 7, 2008

Cool theme.. I like the Header and the Footer..

Logo is the best part.. Its very good..

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