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The Droid 2 is going to hit stores sometime in August, but the anticipation over this phone has already reached a crescendo. And luckily, there are lots of scraps already available for the Droid fans to feed on. The leaked Droid 2 user manual is another one of them.

After leaked photos, rumored launch dates and bits and pieces about specs and features, now you can read a lot more about the upcoming Droid 2, thanks to this manual revealed by DroidLife. So what are the key features of the phone, you get to know?

First, if you were expecting something new in terms of the user interface of Droid 2, you may be disappointed because the screen shots in the manual indicate that the same MotoBlur in use in the Droid X, is at play in this device too. Keep your fingers crossed however, because the build can change and user manuals are usually indicative only. But right now there is nothing to suggest that the MotoBlur will not be used.

On the brighter side, the screenshots also indicate the presence of an OS which is different from the Android 2.1. So, naturally you can expect that the Droid 2 will come pre-loaded with the Android 2.2 Froyo OS. The screenshot of the new Froyo Google search menu gives you a glimpse of what to expect from the Froyo.

Another feature which should excite you is the presence of new multi-touch keyboards on the Droid 2. Different keyboards open for different text entry screens, so the one you use while writing an email will be different from the one used while texting. An improved auto-suggest function, which becomes active while typing words should also make typing easier.

Then of course, there is pre-installed Swype text entry system on this phone. This allows you to enter words in one continuous motion. Just drag your finger over the letters of the word and it gets typed! To correct a word just double tap it and a list of similar words will come up for you to choose from. When you type in word which is not programmed into Swype, it remembers exactly what you type.

    Direct download the user manual of Droid 2 Smartphone

    This information is sure to excite a lot of Droid fans who are eagerly awaiting the successor to the original Droid. However, it remains to be seen whether the Droid 2 has the same bootloader as the Droid X, which prevents customization of the phone. The manual is sure throwing little light on that issue!

    Click on the link given below that directs you to megaupload — enter the captcha code and download the file (its completely free). Thanks to droid-life!

    Download the User Manual [PDF File]

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