Many Employees Logon to Facebook Instead of Focusing On Work

By Jim Roberts | News

One might realize that web users spend an average of 4 to 5 hours of their work time going through social networking sites, particularly on Facebook. Hours which would have normally been used for finishing their clerical work are being spend updating their facebook site and even playing games, this was according to T-Mobile as well as Sony Ericsson.

A research from T-Mobile and Sony Ericsson’s shows that around 17% of employees admit to logging on to a variety of social networking sites instead of focusing solely on their work, while 22% claims that they just log on to ‘check’ their facebook page upto around 5 times a day.


Americans usually have an average of around 150 friends on their social networking site but only about 2/3rds of them keeps in constant contact with their social networking friends and with only about 15 percent of their contacts.

The research further states that around 40 percent of individuals says that they have more confidence with online chats than face to face communication while around 20 percent admits to feeling stressed, anxious and upset if they are not able to go online and check their facebook status or check their emails.

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In addition, around 20 percent of men says that they spend more time on Facebook these days than they do having sex or cuddling up with their girlfriends. While another 15 percent admit to going on dates with individuals they meet on social networking sites.

Perhaps spending time online and keeping updated with friends and “soon-to-be” friends is relatively okay as long as employees know their limits and they know that work always comes first because they are in the office. “Checking in” to your facebook page is quite alright as long as work is done and completed on time. Even as some of your time is spent on social networking sites as long as you do your job and do it well — there seems to be no immediate concern for it.

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