Facebook Life Events Lets you Donate Organs

By Sidharth | News

Donating organs online is now possible on one of the largest social networking website.

People from United States and the United Kingdom can now become part of the organ donors through Facebook, as the site is now encouraging organ donation through its Life Events feature.

Donate Organs Online Through Facebook

The addition of such a feature makes donating organs a lot easier than it used to be. While Likes may not save lives, this new feature might just save thousands of lives while raising crucial awareness among people who are interested to be donors.

Thousands of US and UK Facebook users have already signed up to be organ donors this week through Facebook Live Events. For children who want to be donors, parental consent is still required.

How to Become an Organ Donor on Facebook

You can use the Life Event option, available on your Facebook Timeline, to add experiences from the different parts of your life. Go to your Facebook Profile, click on Life Events and choose Health & Wellness -> Organ Donor.

You can also explain the decision to your friends on Facebook, if you want to raise awareness about the need for donors. Mark Zuckerberg also said the death of Steve Jobs, whom he called a “friend,” helped inspire the Life Event project. Watch the video below for further details:

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