Facebook’s 500 Million Users Celebration

By Sidharth | News

It seemed as if Facebook went off the track by failing to satisfy its customer, but the good news is, Facebook has still managed to hit the 500 Million Members Milestone.

Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced the news this morning through the Facebook blog reminding us how awesome it is to have 500 million people connecting actively from a single website.

To celebrate this achievement, Facebook introduced the new application called ‘Facebook stories’ where users can share, read stories from around the world. Based on bing powered maps, this is another nifty addition with a collection of user-created anecdotes.


More celebration pics of Facebook employees saying a warm thank you can be browsed by clicking here.

With almost 35% of reach, Facebook easily grabs the no.1 spot in social networking domain. And with the Facebook like button spreading all over the web, it wouldn’t take long for everyone to get suck into Facebook.

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