Google Apps Marketplace has its First Educational App: Grockit, Allows Students to Setup Virtual Study Room in Real Time.

By Jay Shah | News

The Google App Marketplace may not be as popular as the ones run by Apple and Android, but it has just turned 6 months old. And perhaps to celebrate the occasion, 12 new apps have been announced, among them: Grockit being the first educational app to appear in the Marketplace.

The 12 new apps join the 200-odd apps which are already there in the Marketplace. Grockit is a social learning app which allows students to utilize virtual study rooms in real time. This is a great tool for adaptive learning because the algorithm used, makes sure that all study plans are tailored for each student.


Grockit combines features of social networks and game mechanics to perfection. There is content relevant to middle and high schoolers as well as college entrance exams such as SAT, GMAT and GRE. Students of all K-12 schools, which add this app to their Google Apps domain, will receive free access to the apps premium features for one year!

This is a great offer because normally a student has to shell out $99.99 for making use of the premium features. To participate in the collaborative learning process, students can sign into Grockit with their Google accounts. Their Google calendars will be synced with their study sessions and they will also be able to access their study guides via Google Docs.

Google Apps Marketplace apps

This app is a strong move by Google to offer better educational tools and tap into a potent market for future apps. However, let’s not forget the 11 other apps which have been launched.

There is Insync, a document management app which allows you to Google Docs to Finder and Explorer, thus enabling smooth transition between browser and desktop. Pipeline Deals, essentially a CRM app, is yet another interesting addition. This app allows you to oversee deal flows, track leads and run reports whenever you want.

SimplifyThis, Offiserv and Mindquilt are productivity apps that will help you get more out of your time. Kashoo and ERPLY are accounting and resource management apps respectively. So, quite clearly Google new apps offer something for everyone. What have you found appealing?

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