Google Maps for iOS 6 Almost Ready for iPhone & iPad Users

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Complaints were all over the place when Apple decided to kick Google Maps out of the iOS field and replace it with their own Apple Maps. Unfortunately, Apple Maps was shipped with innumerable issues  — some minor and some not so — that troubled both the iPad and iPhone users.

The buggy Apple Maps prompted Apple’s CEO to write an apology letter.

Google remained mum during this brief period. But everyone wanted to know whether Google will launch its Google Maps application on the App Store because, you know, it’s a wonderful and useful mapping app that is clearly better than the current Apple Maps.

Google’s Eric Schmidt confirmed that Google has not submitted iOS version of Google Maps to the App Store, according to a report from CNN.

However, that doesn’t mean Google is not working on a new version of Google maps app. A new standalone version of Google maps is in the works, according to developer Ben Guild.

Funny Google and Apple Maps comic

Ben posted some early screenshots of the new Google Maps for iOS, pointing out that the app in in alpha stage. Below are some of the screenshots of the upcoming Google Maps:

New Google Maps app for iOS

Google Maps on iPhone in its alpha stage

Upcoming iOS version of Google Maps

Search bar on the Google Maps app for iOS

The screenshots are not very clear, and we are not even sure if they are legitimate. But to give us a clear idea on how the new Google Maps will fit on the iOS 6, Cult of Mac has put together a colorful mockup:

Interface of Google Maps for iOS 6

Given that Google Maps has a huge fan following and there are innumerable requests for this mapping application on the Apple forum and elsewhere on the web (not to forget apologetic letter from Tim Cook), Google will likely launch the application for us iOS 6 users. And when will they do that? Only time will tell.

If you fall into the category of people who prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps, but you are stuck with iOS 6, then read this post on how to create your own Google maps on iOS 6 — the post basically walks you through a series of steps on how to use the web version of Google Maps on your iOS devices.

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