HTC Droid Incredible is Back! Buy Droid Incredible Smartphone at $199 From Verizon Store

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

HTC Droid Incredible did quite an incredible vanishing act since the phone was released in April this year. In fact, if you were among the thousands who went looking for the phone after reading the rave reviews and the great buzz it generated, you probably know about this better than others. But don’t feel deprived any longer because the Incredible is back with a bang!

The phone literally flew off the racks in April and HTC simply could not meet the demand for this device back then. As a result, it became a rare commodity to the point where you could simply say that the phone is not available any longer.

But now HTC seems to have got its act together to bring this popular Droid back in action. However, the Android landscape has changed since April and this will be the challenge the Incredible will face.


Verizon itself has two new devices; the Droid X and the Droid 2, both Motorola products. Both are top-class products which are doing well. On Sprint, there is another HTC device, the Evo4G which is a bestseller and is facing stock shortage problems right now due to surging demand.

Where will the HTC Droid Incredible fit amidst these classy devices? Are those who searched for the Incredible like crazy, but to no avail, still open to the idea of embracing the phone on its second coming? These are questions only the coming days and sales data will answer. However, the likelihood of success for the reloaded Incredible is not that much.

This is because other than a larger screen this phone is pretty much what the Droid X is all about. So how does it lure customers from the Droid X? Then again, the Evo4G has the same Sense UI which made the Incredible popular in the first place.

So, while this may rake in some additional cash for Verizon and HTC, probably they should have catered to the demand surge much earlier. Lunch served at dinner time is hardly an exciting prospect! However, if you are truly determined to get an Incredible you can visit the Verizon store website and place your order today!

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