Yikes, Clever Microsoft Calling iOS Developers to Develop Apps for Windows 8 Platform

By Sidharth | Microsoft

In the smartphone department, both Apple and Google have already climbed the ladder of success and are competing against each other. On the other end though, at the starting point, we have Microsoft taking baby steps to crawl to the top. Can they survive or beat Apple and Google? Only time will tell, but here’s an important thing though: Microsoft has money and they are blowing it all up like there’s no tomorrow.

Over $400 million were spent on marketing WP7, and that was the largest marketing campaign from Microsoft back then. Today, the company is spending more than $1 billion on Windows 8, Surface tablets, Windows Blue, and another $400 million on marketing these products.

Microsoft is also investing time and money to attract programmers and app developers. In spite of giving away free Windows smartphones to developers and students, Microsoft has already organized AppFest event in India and all over the globe. Then we have Microsoft TechDays event and the usual TechEd happening every year.

Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Baby

Still there are only 100,000 apps in the Windows Store compared to iOS and Android. For a clearer picture, over 1,400,000 apps are available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play combined. So what can Microsoft do? How can they raise the number of apps?

One of the recent strategy of Redmond firm is to lure iOS developers.

According to Technology Review, iOS developers were invited for a two-day meet at Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View, California. The sessions involved the experts at Microsoft talking about Windows Store and how effortless of a task it is to build apps for Windows 8 computers, tablets and smartphones.

With Apple laptops, the developers started taking notes and understood more about the new Windows operating system. At the end of the session, Apple developers admired Microsoft for the “crisp, uncluttered look of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.”

Developers can either port their successful iOS apps to Windows platform or simply stick with Apple and give them a cut of the profit generated. Sure, Windows Store hasn’t bloomed completely yet, but probably it’s the right time for developers to set their foot into Windows 8 and Windows Phone platform, as their apps will be more noticeable, eventually bringing them popularity and more visibility.

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