Latest BlackBerry Tablet: Launching in November?

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It appears that the ‘rumors’ surrounding BlackBerry tablet will soon reach a crescendo, thanks to a report which suggests that it could be out as early as November 2010. This report can be sourced to Bloomberg and reveals that Research in Motion, is at an advanced level of development with the ‘BlackPad’.

The device is supposed to have a 9.7” screen along with features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You may even be able to use your BlackBerry phone as the data connection.

The Latest Blackberry Tablet: BlackPad

While BlackBerry has an official policy of not commenting on rumors, the speculation about this device reached fever pitch when the company acquired the domain However, it is also true that RIM has more than 4000 registered domains, which means that the device may not be named ‘BlackPad’ after all.


But the device will come out for sure and it is also supposed to have front and back cameras, to allow video calling. Whether the device will be bundled with a 3G connection is not yet clear because of the tethering app wherein you will be able to use the BlackBerry phone for signal.

This implies that the tablet may be not too taxing on your wallet because it will be imperative to use a 3G connection to use it to access the internet. It will also be interesting to see what type of keyboard features in this device, because while RIM manufactures great physical keyboards, these do not go well in a tablet device.

While it’s all fine to be expecting a smashing product from BlackBerry, the need for a tablet at this point of time, has to be questioned. After all, the Apple iPad was a device necessary to tap into the vast resources of iTunes, but BlackBerry has no such objective or resource.

BlackBerry has always been associated with smart and efficient devices, rather than ones which promise a great multimedia experience to customers. Maybe they will break this stereotype with their tablet, which will also offer you some variety in market currently dominated by the iPad. Having said this, it will have to be competitively priced to stand any chance of success and that’s for sure!

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