Latest Dell Streak Update Comes With Android 2.1 OS

By Jay Shah | Android

For all Dell Streak owners, there is some news, of the mixed variety really! The dampener is that your Dell Streak tablet will not get the Froyo update (Android 2.2) in September, at least if you are in the UK. But on the brighter side, there will be a firmware update to the Android 2.1 OS made available solely for Dell Streak.

And what will this update give your Streak that it does not have yet? The first thing you will notice is the change in the virtual keyboard. The number-pad and caps lock keys are gone for good and this does make typing a lot easier. Though the multi-touch features you may have been hoping for, are not there yet.

But then you are able to use the pinch-to-zoom option on Google maps, thanks to this update. The dialer app has a new skin and looks quite stylish and also allows you to access your contacts and favorites lists without having to close the app.

What’s more with Android 2.1 OS on Dell Streak?

As far as multimedia is concerned, this Android 2.1 OS update gives your Streak the default gallery app. Though this allows you to access Picasa, the photo and video filters you may have become used to have been removed quite inexplicably. The music player now has a content page that expands when you try to fit more items.

A major bug has also been fixed on Dell Streak and you no longer have to switch on the screen to skip tracks you have queued up already.

The camera has been a candidate for renovation and this firmware update has put some work in that direction. You have to drag the left tray out for accessing the camera settings, but unfortunately this does not do much good. Also now you get to see only the last taken shot instead of thumbnails of several photos taken previously.

But the biggest improvement affected by the update is that the camcorder can now record in 720p. Though there’s no remarkable improvement in picture quality, now you can at least boast of HD video on your Streak!

The homescreen can now hold only 24 icons as opposed to 32 earlier, thanks to the new horizontal placement of icons. Even now you have to hold the Streak in landscape mode. There is also a quick-access list of recent applications, which is a modification of the homescreen switcher.

So that’s the update for you and whether you like it or not that’s what you may have to use till the Android 2.2 Froyo is available.

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