Leaked Windows 8 OS (Build 7850) MileStone 2 Available

By Sidharth | Microsoft

Following the leaks of Windows 8 Milestone 1 — which was a release merely based on Win 7 Enterprise — we now have the latest Windows 8 Milestone 2 build leaked. This leaked Build 7850, unlike the previous one, has improvements headed towards the interface.

Download Windows 8 Milestone 2

Not everyone can be a part of Windows 8 M2, only a few who have access to the private FTP of BetaArchive forum will be able to enjoy this upgraded OS. However, the download links should be passing through the internet pipes in the form of torrent very soon.

You can either wait for Microsoft to come up with the official Windows 8 beta release, which may not happen anytime soon. Or, you can get hold of the Win 8 M2 download link through torrent sites — no links will be posted here as we don’t condone piracy.  Also, it is recommended that you do not use this version as your everyday OS, because the update may not be stable.

The new Win8 has various unlocked features including:

  • Full Ribbon interface
  • New PDF reader
  • Elegant login interface
  • Fully working Application folder

On the other hand, those who have downloaded and tested this updated Windows 8 have been a victim of the nefarious and the new “Black” Screen of Death. Good ol’ Microsoft!


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