It’s Legal to Jailbreak iPhone, DVD Ripping and Rooting Android Smartphones

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Easily one of the biggest tech news of today comes from the U.S copyright office informing that iOS Jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones, ripping DVD’s and also rooting Android Phones has been legalized.

Up until now, film makers were crossing the line by ripping DVD’s, and iPhone users were concerned that iPhone jailbreaking plus unlocking wasn’t actually legit; all these has been talked over and many more issues has been termed as legal under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).


However, as mentioned at, all this should be done for educational and personal usage only – and you shouldn’t profit them into any commercial form.

Other good news: Cracking the programs protected by dongles that are no longer manufactured is now legal along with sharing of ebooks (by reading it aloud; only for the blind) even if the ebook says you to prevent such distribution.

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Jacob August 8, 2010

no, but all you need to do is restore your device and they won’t know it has been jailbroken so it is still under warranty (as far as they know)

Henry 3 Dogg July 28, 2010

But few users will jailbreak their iPhone because of the security that they would loose, and Apple get paid either way.

Whereas you loose little by rooting your Android, and that may well cost Google all of their advertising revenue, if you decide that you don’t want brainwashing anymore.

Jesse July 28, 2010

Now that it’s legal does that mean it will no longer void your warranty???

    shay August 10, 2010

    nope it still voids your warrenty

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