Light Fading for RIM’s BlackBerry Torch 9800 SmartPhone?

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

This should make for pretty dismal reading for BlackBerry fans but then, facts are facts. While RIM had placed a heavy bet on the Blackberry Torch 9800 being the bestseller it needed in its ranks, the latest stats show that may not be how things have shaped up. RIM has sold only 150000 units of the Torch since it was launched.

This means that in a same period the Torch has been outsold by Apple and Android devices many times over! Though overall RIM sales continue to hold steady, the BlackBerry Torch is showing all signs of a brand that may die a swift yet painful death.

And RIM has made its desperation quite evident by slashing the price of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 by more than 50% from $199 to $99! And this is just one week after the device was launched. While this may or may not boost sales, critics who panned the Torch upon release, will feel that this move proves that they were right about the Torch being a dud.


But it should also be noted that perhaps this turn of fate has hit the Torch because it got mostly bad reviews upon its launch from majority of renowned tech websites and other resources which people consult before buying a new device.

Or you may even say that the Torch is truly an inferior phone than those with which it planned to compete. After all, a 480×360 pixel 3.2 inch screen, is a throwback to a bygone era and not something to challenge the likes of iPhone 4 with! Moreover there are no upgrades in the OS which make the ever-present problems with the BlackBerry go away.

Just in case the price cut excites you, you can visit Amazon and some other leading online retailers for the deal. At the time of writing, AT&T’s own site did not have details of the deal, but it should be there soon.

So, what’s next for RIM? With data transparency issues being the company’s focus right now, the failure of the Torch should come as a low blow. Will RIM recover and actually deliver a better device? Let’s hope so!

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