Mark Zuckerberg’s House in California

You don’t like the new Facebook? At least you’ll like the founder’s house.

His house is made of diamond and the walls are painted with pure gold. A lot of people might have come to this speculation, well at least I was, after watching the movie “The Social Network.” But it turns out that the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is living a modest life in his California house that costs around $7 million.

What’s more interesting is that Mr. Zuckerberg has rented the place, and by billionaire standards, this house is unpretentious. The modestly furnished house pictures were shot by the new neighbors who later handed over the pictures to the folks at

The new house with five bedrooms also has a tricked out security system. For his age, and for the kind of money he has been able to churn out of Facebook, we could make out one thing: Mark doesn’t fancy the expensive toys. Here are the pictures of the Mark Zuckerberg’s house:

Perhaps, preferring not to live in a house that sprawls over acres of land is a smart move from Mr. Zuckerberg to keep himself close with the company. Also, a few blocks away is his office, so this house will be a roof over his head.

For such a well-off 26-year-old guy, whose estimated worth is $7 billion, Mark’s donation to the Newark school system (around $100 million) and several million dollars invested primarily for education, shows his act of good deed to make a difference in this world.

While the team is busy employing new tactics like embedding fanpage, adding real-time ticker, it is interesting to know how this computer genius (and a billionaire!) has plumped for a modest house — isn’t it nice to see a 26-year-old who knows how to manage his money?

After all, saving is earning. I guess this is what “smart” people do. 😉

  • Elias Jomaa

    Mark is a very smart man, he is the sort of person not to go around showing of with his money, he is just happy he brang out Face book for the world. If I had the sort of money he has, I’ll do the same thing, buy myself a normal house and normal car. Look, he goes to work with a hoody for god sake, you can see his not up him self, I like people like that, go Mark, well done, you deserve it every bit my friend.



  • SaLy

    i think this picture is true. becuase this man are normal human not milionare or more. and i think that he’s this moneys in the bank as. i like this house because i look him with my eyes and i believe !!!

    With love, SaLy

  • lulululu

    This is not true!!! The lighting doesn’t match him. And he’s a billioneer he could buy an even bigger house then this!!! With a pool, a LCD or 3D tv!!!! This is not true!!!

  • Mantas

    That picture where is Mark it doesnt’t real, like make with photoshop

  • Johnny


  • Joe

    he is so edited into the picture above, the lighting doesn’t match