Megaupload Down? Here’s Why…

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Go ahead and try accessing Tell me what do you see?

Nothing? Try again.

You simply can’t access Megaupload because it is down. As a matter of fact, the site was taken down by the FBI and four people associated with this Hong Kong based company have been arrested.

The site’s founder, Kim Dotcom, and three others were arrested by the police in New Zealand at the request of US authorities.

Server down Megaupload

Megavideo, which is yet another video streaming site belonging to Megaupload, with 18 other domains were seized and data-centers in three countries raided.

Why was taken down, anyway?

Online piracy. That’s the reason the FBI has come up with to take down the second largest file-sharing domain on the Internet. However, not all the content posted on Megaupload violates the copyright law. There are definitely more legitimate files hosted on their server than the pirated content.

For instance, sharing a file larger than 20MB can be impossible through email. This is when Megaupload can be really helpful, as we can upload legitimate files, larger than 20MB, instantly and share the file.

Also, Megaupload never had a search function to discover pirated content. They never promoted piracy, and scanning every file that was uploaded by anonymous user is simply a task next to impossible.

Update: Here is the indictment.

This indictment accuses Megaupload of costing $500 million in lost revenue due to the pirated movies, media files hosted on the site. Unforunately, for those who had their backup data stored on Megaupload, there’s nothing much you could do about it.

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