Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Releasing in October | Pricing Details

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There some really good news for all Mac users: the Office for Mac 2011 will be available in the US by the end of October. There will be three versions of this product in total of 13 languages.

The three versions will be named Office for Mac Home and Student 2011, Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 and Office for Mac Academic 2011. Home and Student 2011 will have Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Messenger and will cost you about $119 and if you want to have an additional two licenses, shell out $30 more.

The Home and Business version of Mac office will include Outlook for Mac email client, replacing the less-effective Entourage client. And for the added feature you will have to spend $199 flat and $80 more for one additional license.


Screenshot of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

The Mac Academic 2011 is only available for students and faculty of higher education institutions and will be priced at $99.

The new Office for Mac gives you access to the Template Gallery, which is an online collection of thousand of great looking templates to make your professional documents stand out from the crowd. Moreover, features such as the ‘Conversation View’ in Outlook for Mac will allow you to sort out emails easily for quick access.

A file-based database will also allow better Time Machine support. Then there is the Office for Mac ribbon, which has been designed to reflect the Office 2008 Elements Gallery, while carrying features of the Mac menu and Standard Toolbar. The most important controls have been made available at your fingertips via this ribbon.

You can also minimize the ribbon as well as the toolbar for availing greater amount of screen-space. If you know all the keyboard shortcuts, this may be the ideal setting for you.

As mentioned earlier, the Office for Mac 2011 will be available in 13 languages. Other than the 11 that were there in the previous version, this time there are two new languages: Polish and Russian. If you are a Mac user, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months and hopefully the Office for Mac 2011 will not disappoint you!

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