Microsoft Releases Office:Mac 2011 Video

By Rahul Dowlath | News

Microsoft today posted a video to their blog and YouTube account detailing the new features coming to the next version of the flagship Office product for the Mac platform.

Office:Mac 2011 is set to include a host of new features, and will change the look and functionality of the current offering from Redmond, in the hopes of making the productivity suite more user-friendly and efficient.


The big news with this iteration is the inclusion of Outlook as the email and calendaring tool; previous versions of Office:Mac had a proprietary application, that was Mac-specific, called Entourage. Many users complained that Entourage could never replicate the functionality or experience offered by Outlook. Of course, many analysts speculated that this was a strategic decision on Microsoft’s part in order to “cut-off” the Mac as a serious tool for enterprise, and thus continue to reign their monopoly with Windows as the preferred “serious-work” platform.

The inclusion of Outlook finally positions the Mac as a viable option for the workplace, and simplifies the lives of many people who love the Mac experience, but have to currently manage two machines (Windows + Mac) due to their company utilizing enterprise servers that require Outlook only.

Some highlights from the video:

  • The video includes Microsoft Mac Business Unit employees who talk about the latest version of Office:Mac. There’s the usual product praise, how they envision their creations to be used, and the satisfaction they get from helping to improve the computing experience for thousands of people around the world.
  • Outlook features prominently, and looks great too. Conversations and calendaring from the Windows version makes its way over to the Mac, and a cool feature in the Search allows you to group messages by topic.
  • Time Machine is integrated with Outlook for easy-archiving.
  • The user experience has been completely over-hauled. Instead of a task requiring four steps, you can accomplish it in just two.
  • The Ribbon interface from the Windows version crosses to the Mac, and now effectively unifies both product iterations.

Office:Mac looks great, and I can’t wait for it to release. My biggest hope is that it will pressurize Apple into improving their own productivity suite, iWork, of which I enjoy using, but still find no match for the power of Office. Then again, simplicity is good…

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