Microsoft TechDays: Another initiative to Promote Windows 8 App Development in India

By Sidharth | Microsoft

Microsoft is investing billions of dollars, and the reason for spending such a huge chunk of money is very clear to us: this is the company’s last chance to reach its target audience.

Serious baby at Microsoft

In US, Microsoft launched a new ad campaign to promote the upcoming Microsoft Surface and Windows 8. This campaign was primarily formulated to reach potential consumers.

In India, however, Microsoft is hosting events to push developers to explore and take up Windows 8 app development. Take for instance the last month’s AppFest event that was held in Bangalore; we had over 3500 developers and dozens of media folks (including yours truly) under the same proof.

The coding marathon lasted for straight 18 hours, and ultimately Microsoft’s name was in the Guinness World Records.

Every year in India Microsoft comes up with TechEd event, where invitees get to learn about the upcoming Microsoft products and build relationships with a community of Microsoft experts and technology industry peers.

In the past, Microsoft has always offered free windows phone to professional app developers and student developers who were able to create apps for Windows phones.

Clever Microsoft

Microsoft is clearly targeting both the consumers and the developers. Consumers will buy the new Windows 8 OS & Surface tablets that is scheduled for launch on October 26th while developers will put their brains at work to create stunning apps for Windows 8.

If I may say so, Microsoft is playing a clever game here.

Now, here’s yet another campaign from Microsoft for Indians, and this one seems to cover a lot of ground than any other events that were held in India.

Attend Microsoft TechDays

Microsoft TechDays is a 4-month long technology extravaganza launched especially for developers, IT professionals and technology students across India. The event offers an opportunity for everyone to learn from the Microsoft experts, convert their ideas into real applications, hone their skills and get certificates for participating.

Coding sessions are planned across each of the locations, and the attendees will have hands-on opportunities to create and convert their dream ideas into apps on the Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure platforms.

Organized in around 50 cities in India, Microsoft technology experts will always be available to guide participants, and familiarize them with the latest Microsoft technologies. The event is, of course, free to attend. TechDays will be held in the following Indian cities:

Microsoft Techdays 2012-2013 Event Schedule

TechDays starts today at The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore. If you didn’t register yet, you can always sign up by visiting the Microsoft’s TechDays page.

Download the complete Microsoft TechDays Press Release [PDF file]

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