Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Campaign Begins With Teaser Advertisement

By Sidharth | Microsoft

Microsoft are shelling out more than 500 million dollars for the upcoming Windows 7 Phone, which is said to be one of the largest marketing campaign from Microsoft for the Phone to thrive in this competitive market.

So, some of the folks were lucky enough to watch the promotional teaser advertisement that was showed in during the screening of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ in London, U.K. This teaser advertisement, although short of action, gives a sneak peak of Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft describes this new smartphone with the tag line: “the revolution is coming..”. The teaser advertisement runs for a minute and has nothing much to talk about. Check it out:

Microsoft’s First Windows Phone 7 Advertisement

Microsoft is fantasizing that the Windows Phone 7 is a part of the revolution, when in fact they are late in the battle. But with the kind of money they have in their vaults, they can shape up the Windows phone 7 phone into a decent product for sure!

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