Most Expensive Macbook Air in the World

By Sidharth | Apple

Macbook Air is expensive? — No, not when you compare the Apple Macbook Air with these dazzling gold-plated designers’ Macbook Air. Really, Apple’s Macbook are fairly priced.

If you are in the look out for absolute luxury and don’t mind forking out bags of money, then these expensive Macbook Air are just for you. These computing toys are clearly the most expensive Macbook Air available in the world.

Golden Age Macbook Air

Decked in with 12,000 Swarovski cache crystals and coated with 24k gold, this minuscule laptop houses specs that of Apple Macbook Air. It is just the back of the Macbook sparkling like stars and the front design remains pretty much the same.

Price: $40,000.

Macbook Air Platinum Edition

If the Golden Age Macbook Air isn’t enough to satisfy your wild exuberance, then go with the “MacBook Air Platinum Edition.” Shaped out of seven kilograms of pure platinum, this is the first desktop Macbook Air, because you will not be able to carry it anywhere (bad joke?).

Because of the platinum built body, this is perhaps the costliest Macbook Air available on the planet.

Price: $480,000

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Vishal February 12, 2011

Thanks really a Expensive Macbook. I hope I Get one too 🙂

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